Jimmy Sparkman's Fallon Street Railway
Villanova Pa; May 29th thru May 30st, 2009

Trolley 5107 and workcar T6.
Builder Jimmy Sparkman, with shaved head with longtime friend, Al.
Jimmy Sparkman started scratchbuilding his models either in high school or right after graduation.
Part of 125 foot elevated structure.

One of the operators of the day.
Jimmy originally wanted to model 1/2 inch to the foot, but settled on 3/4 inch to the foot.
Jimmy talking to one of his operators.
Note wooden structure.

Clearance sign.
Scratch built dump car.
Flat bed car and T6 workcar parked near siding.

One of Fallon Street's bridges.
Scratch built Budd car 601.
Again, Buddcar 601.
Trolley and dump car.

Scratch built Market car 136.
Doors on Trolley 5107 do open; they fold out.

Scratch built switches.

Each car is powered by the third rail.
Jimmy and his good friend, the late Donald Wright Sr scratchbuilt the Fallon Street structure, including rails and third rail construction.

Inside look of motorman's cab on Market car 136. Note individual rivets done by hand.

Closeup of scratchbuilding detail.

All cars including flatcar are powered. Each car has a switch to turn motors off so cars can be photographed with lights on without car movement.
Another longtime friend operating Fallon Street.The power packs were homemade and placed inside toolboxes.
Padded bumpers keep runaway cars off the floor.The original safeguard was a screwdriver!
Note the detail built into the structure by Jimmy Sparkman and the late Donald Wright Sr.

Countless people over the years have come to see this magnificent display.

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