The SEPTA System; Route 10

Rte 10, entering Lansdowne ave from 63rd st.

Rte 10, kcar on Lansdowne ave between 62nd and 61st.

Rte 10, kcar, Lancaster and Lansdowne aves, heading west.

Rte 10, kcar, Lancaster ave at 52nd st, heading to Center City.

Rte 10, 63rd and Malvern loop.

Rte 10, kcar, deadheading past rte 15, PCC2 car, at 63rd and Girard ave.

Rte 10, kcar, Callowhill st between 58th and 59th sts heading for Callowhill depot.

Rte 10, kcar, 58th and Callowhill sts, Callowhill depot.

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