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Traveling south on 42nd st.
Crossing Chester ave at 42nd st.
Fan trip originating from Elmwood Depot.
22nd st subway station eastbound.

8534 at 23rd and Venango loop of Rte 56.
Looking at 8534 on Woodland ave from PCC 2168.
Inside advertisement on 8534.
8534 at North Catholic High on Rte 56, Torresdale ave.

Broad, Germantown, Erie stop, Rte 56.
8534 and a Buddcar at 30th st station westbound.
Close look at rear truck of 8534.
Controls of 8534.

Counter on 8534.
8534 entering 22nd st eastbound.
8534 just past Erie-Torresdale el stop.
On Erie ave west.

The front of 8534.
Another view of 8534 on Torresdale ave.
8534 at Hunting Park ave.
8534 with Kcar at 40th st portal.

Kicking up the dust on Erie ave.
8534 in Venango loop.
Another inside look at 8534.
8534 inside Torresdale loop.

Passengers on fan trip.
Photo stop on Rte 56 short turn.
Another look at 8534 trucks.
8534 on Chester ave near Church rd, Yeadon; home of the Rte 13.

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