8534 Video Stills
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Going east on Chester ave, Yeadon.
Kcar meets Peterwitt at 49th and Chester.
Looking again from PCC 2168.
On 42nd st nearing Woodland.

Passenger support.
Enjoying an old fashioned ride in the subway.
Fan trip on Rte 56.
8534 signed for Rte 56.

Railway underpass near 22nd and Erie.
8534 under the river.
Heading up Woodland ave hill near 42nd st.
Again on Woodland ave closer to Cheater and Woodland ave junction.

Photo stop on Rte 56 turnaround.
Crossing Broad st on Erie ave.
Turning onto Chester ave from 49th st.
Vanango loop Rte 56.

The front of 8534.
Another view of 8534 on Torresdale ave.
Entering the loop.
8534 passing Rte 13.

Short turn scene Rte 56.
Again on Torresdale short turn.
Another photo pose.
Nearing Venango loop.

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