Market Frankford BuddCars

M3 600 car.
M3 612 car end.
Back windows of M3 778.
Motormen's cab window.
M3 being stripped for parts.
Crane and floor of M3 840.

Cutup sides of M3 840 loaded onto truck.
Looking through the fence at Frankford Yards.
Looking at M3s from Frankford parking lot.
Full view of M3.
Heading for the loop at 69th st terminal.
Evening shot at 46th st eastbound.

M3 waiting to be loaded on trailer.
Another look at M3 618.
Looking at the front of M3 618.
Looking at M3 910 end details.
M3 840 being cutup.
Viewing M3 840 showing cutting tanks,sagging floor.

More of Buddcar 840.
Another view.
Frankford yard storage. loop.
Details of married pair.
Window detail.
Leaving Bridge st for 69th st.

Night shots.
Going around 69th st loop.
69th St.
Cars stored in Frankford yard.
Looking at roof detail of M3.
M3 power collector.

Married pair of M3s detail.
Exterior and interior end detail.
Center windows and resistors.
Parts of seat supports still showing.
Resting on an old rail truck.
View of the old Frankford Terminal.

Rear section of a married pair.
Cab at rear of train.
Wider view of cab end.
M3 lights and anti climber.
From the Frankford parking lot.
Parked on hill in Frankford yard.

Heading for 63rd and Market sts.
Entering Milbourne station westbound.
Good front view of an M3.
View from Milbourne station bridge.
Waiting at Milbourne Station east.
Frankford lineup.

From Bridge and Pratt platform.
Looking where chains are hooked.
Revenue train in Frankford.
Nice view of unsupported floor.
View at 69th st.
600 series cars.

Sharing yard space with suburban K cars.
View of M3s behind Rte 100 tracks.
Snow on the roofs.
69th st yard with M3s.
Shop building.
Looking at a track level shot.

Work Cars?.
Cars for scrap.
Work crane.
Dump car at 69th st yard.
More to see at 69th st.

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