CSX Blocking Rte 11 in Darby; Commuter Rail

Island Rd and Elmwood Ave; Detour for Rtes 11 and 36, June 18, 2007.
Train blocking route 11 in Darby.

Operator misses the Island Rd detour.
Backing the cars out of Darby.

Note backup light on windshield.
Note large numbers on recently painted 9015.
Cars now utilizing Island Rd detour.

Heading east to City Hall.
The young man is taking it all in.
Again, note backup light.

Heading onto Island Rd detour.
Trying to get this car onto Island Rd; traffic isn't cooperating.
Island Rd.
Still trying to get this car onto Island Rd.

Miscommunication causes a lot of work.
Loading up for downtown on Island Rd.

Frazer, Pa

Sunday afternoon at Gladstone station on the R3.

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