Philadelphia Adrantz Cars

Former Woodland rail operator getting a look at new cars.
M4s at 69th st station.
Wide view of 69th st terminal.
Fresh interior view of an M4.

Exterior detail of an M4.
View at Pratt station.
Good look and digital destination sign.
Cab window.

End door.
Heading for Frankford.
Looking forward in an M4.
Exterior front side of car.

Nice clean interior.
Leaving Milbourne Station east.
A lone M4 train with M3s at 69th st.
2 car M4 pair.

Looking at M4 anti climber.
Coming out of Frankford Yard.
At Milbourne station.
Pulling into 69th st platform.

M4 mockup.
Top front of mockup.
Full side look of an M4.
Interior near door.

A different look.
Details of interior.
Window detail.
Looking from the door toward the motormans cab.

Sign inside car over window.
M4 at Milbourne station.
Mockup at Woodland Shops.
Mockup on stand.

Another shot.
The future of Market Elevated.
M4 truck.
Milbourne westbound.

Coming into Milbourne station west.
Door to motorman's cab.
One more look at the old Bridge Pratt station.
PM rush hour train.

Ceiling detail.
Single seat facing double seat.
Very top of mockup.

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