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Looking at double crossover switch at 15th st on Market Frankford.
Entering the portal at 44th st on Market Frankford Line.
Meeting up at 46th st on Market Frankford Line.
Sitting at 69th st westbound Market Frankford Line.

Tracks leading to 69th st yard.
Heading west to Girard ave el stop.
Heading into and out of Berks st el station.
Looking at the double crossing at Berks st el station.

M3 cars from Market Frankford line being used on the Norristown High speed line.
M3s regauged to run on Norristown High speed line.
Dropping of a passenger.
M3 heading to 69th st.

Standing at 49th st near Market sts.
M3s throwing sparks at 49th and Markets as did the M1s and M2s.
"A" train entering 30th st eastbound.
M3 cab details.

M3s crossing Berks st double switch.
M3s climbing the hill from Milbourne station.
Westbound M3 entering 46th st station.
M3 westbound at 63rd and Market sts.

Entering 69th st eastbound.
Climbing onto elevated structure near 63rd and Market sts.
Entering 69th st turn around loop.
Milbourne station eastbound.

Structure at 64th and Market sts.
Doing the loop at 69th st.
Tracks westbound leading to 69th st station.
Entering and leaving 69th st terminal.

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