Market Elevated Rail Project

New sections on 49th st near Arch for Market Elevated Project.
Possible cat walk sections.
Lots of concrete sold for these sections.
Concrete sections on girders.

Steel shapes.
Girder section on flatbed.
M4's passing girder parts.
M4's passing on existing structure.

Sections ready to be moved.
A concrete pillar on Market near 49th st.
Concrete pillars at different heights.
Demolitioning 56th st station.

Looking at portion of demolished station.
New section of 56th st station underway.
Looking from south side of Market St.
Looking at original section of structurebefore replacement.

Dismantling of structure.
Lifting out an old section of the structure.
Using the torch.
A cutout section.

Having another look.
Nothing left but the sides.
New structural piece.
New sections going into place.

New supports.
Starting to take shape.
Worker on structure.
Sections being put together.

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