January 2009
Late Afternoon and Early Evening Shots  

Old 59th st pullouts, Callowhill Depot.
59th and Girard ave, rte10/rte15 pullout.
59th and Haverford ave, possible old rte 30 track?
Old rte 46 rail, Callowhill depot pullout rail, 60th and Callowhill sts.

PCC2s at 58th st side of Callowhill depot.
Kcars at 58th st side of Callowhill depot. Last old look active carbarn in Philadelphia.
Possible nightliner or morning lineup 59th st side of Callowhill depot.
Looking at Elwood depot on Island ave from old KFC parking lot across the street.

62nd and Market sts, looking east toward 60th st station.
Obama train photos taken at Curtis Park station, R2/R6 lines.

Looking at 63rd and Malvern, rte 10 western terminus.

Rte 11, Darby terminal, Darby Pa.

Rte 13, Yeadon loop, Yeadon Pa.
Rte 13, short turn, Mt Moriah loop.
Rte 34, 61st and Baltimore terminus, city limits.

61st st loop, looking from Baltimore ave.
Rte 36, 80th and Eastwick loop next to R1, airport line.
Rush hour backup, 66th and Elmwood ave, Rte 36.
Chevy Impala has lost a wheel, 66th and Elmwood ave.

Rte 36; Lindbergh blvd becomes Grays ave.

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