Philadelphia Traction, July 2006
Kawasaki LRVs after 25 years  

Rte 36 on 49th st bridge.
Scenes of Rte 36 near Elmwood depot.

Elmwood Yard.

Dead heading Rte 13 using new Island/Woodland ave special trackwork.

Island Rd; private right of way; Rte 36.

Kingsessing Ave near 60th st; Rte 13.
Rte 13 crossing over Cobbs Creek Parkway.

Rte 13 awaiting for departure from Yeadon loop.
Night look at new Yeadon Loop shelter.
Rte 11 eastbound from Greenway ave rail detour layover.

This is the number 10 near Lansdowne/Lancaster/52nd st

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