Philadelphia Kawasakis
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Rte 102 passing through Aldan Pa.
Rte 102 entering private Right of Way.
Rte 102 main st in Aldan.
Suburban Kcar on Rte 102 signed for rte 101.

Kcar deadheading to Elmwood through Darby Pa.
Rte 13 Chester Ave detour.
Detouring to 49th st..
Rte 13 detour eastbound from 58th st to Woodland Ave.

Rte 13 detour westbound from Woodland to 58th st.
Discharging passengers at 58th and Woodland eastbound.
Heading onto Woodland eastbound.
Rte 13 at 58th and Greenway westbound.

Kcars passing each other on 58th st detour Rte 13.
First rail traffic on 58th st near Woodland since 1950s..
22nd st station eastbound looking toward 19th st.
Overlooking 80th and Eastwick from Island Rd overpass.

Shot of two trolley poles.
Kcars on side of Woodland Shops.
My son in front of 9003 Rte 51, 1995.
9075 on Woodland Shop transporter.

9076 on Rte 34 61 and Baltimore.
Heading east onto Baltimore Ave.
Sitting at 61 and Baltimore loop.
Full side view of 9076.

Yeadon Loop.
9078 and 2105 at Woodland Shop.
Sitting at Baltimore Loop.
Heading for Baltimore Ave.

Another look at Baltimore Loop.
Leaving Baltimore Loop.
Heading up Baltimore Ave.

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