Philadelphia Kawasakis
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Another look at Baltimore Loop.
Rte 34 line of Kcars.
Kawasaki 9091 Baltimore Loop.
Last Kcar painted white, Baltimore Loop.

Front of freshly painted 9094.
Rear look at freshly painted 9094.
Long view left side 9094.
Window detail of 9094.

9094 trucks.
Rte 11 heading into Darby Loop.
Darby layover.
Moving around the Elmwood Yard.

Closer look at Elmwood movement.
Tight curves in yard.
Moving to storage tracks.
Nice loop at Elmwood overhead.

Kcar 9085 roped off.
Early shot of Elmwood Kcars.
Kcars with original paint scheme.
Rte 13 nightliner.

A peek at Elmwood Shops.
Waiting to start the run.
Kcar using Island Rd to Woodland Ave.
Turning onto Woodland Ave.

Chester Ave at night.
This is the 59th st side of Callowhill Depot.
Original Kcar wheels.
Kawasaki 9073 without "S" decal.

Roof look at front of Kcar.
Looking at rear of roof of Kcar.
View of Kawasaki car resistors.

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