Philadelphia Kawasakis
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Roof component.
More resistor, pole base detail.
Roof side panel.
More minute roof detail.

Roof details not usually noticed.
A good look at security light.
A look at pole base and surrounding parts.
Stopped at 33rd and Girard Ave behind accident.

Traffic starting to move.
Kcar moving past accident.
9075 with work car and PCCs at Woodland Shop.
Top window sash detail.

More window detail.
Roof vent.
Side photo of Kcar 9038.
Detail of emergency window.

Front side detail.
Kcar skirt.
Center door detail.
Center area detail.

Pieces around center door.
Side shot of 9038 Yeadon Loop.
Right side few of Kcar.
9005 in Yeadon.

Top of center doors.
Interior center doors.
Open front doors.
Emergency pull handles on center doors.

Kcar interior looking forward.
Kcar interior looking to rear.
Interior window detail.

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