Philadelphia Kawasakis
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Interior view of back window.
Drivers console on Kcar.
Kawasaki seats.
Top of front doors.

Top of center doors.
Kcars at 49th and Woodland Ave.
Kcars in Woodland Yards.
Kcars facing 59th st at Callowhill Depot.

Route 10 bay at Callowhill.
Kcar on recently finished Lindbergh Bridge.
Kawasaki in Woodland Shop.
Suburban Kcar 109 at Woodland Shop.

Using the laid Lindbergh rail Rte 36.
Kicking up dust crossing new Lindbergh Bridge.
Leaving the subway at 40th st.
Entering the subway at 40th st.

Rte 34 merging at 40th st with Woodland cars.
40th St night shot.
9008 entering 40th st portal.
Rte 34 westbound from 40th and Baltimore.

Heading for daylight.
9074 sined for rte 23 at 40th st portal.
9058 poses.
Track level view of 40th st portal.

Track level shot closer.
9109 eastbound at 40th st.
Kcars at 40th st.
Rte 10 leaving 36th st portal.

Heading to passenger pickup.
This stop was added in recent years.
Inbound and outbound Kawasakis.

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