Philadelphia Kawasakis
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Having another look.
Garage view of eastbound Rte 10.
Garage view of westbound rte 10.
Kawasaki 9016 at 70th and Woodland Ave.

9016 at Darby Loop.
Kcars waiting in Darby Pa loop.
Night view of Kcar on Chester Ave.
Chester Ave detour sign.

Kcar in a light snow fall.
Kcar on Cobbs Creek Bridge.
Waiting in the light know for a Rte 13.
Heading for Yeadon Loop.

Another view of Yeadon Pa loop.
On Baltimore Ave eastbound to 40th st portal.
Westbound rte 36 on Elmwood Ave.
Rte 36 at Elmwood and Lindbergh Blvd.

Kawasakis at Elmwood and Island Rd.
Rte 36 55th and Elmwood.
Welcome Line downtown Philadelphia.
9003 on Welcome Line.

Turnaround for the Welcome Line.
Closeup of Suburban K marker lights.
Lower detail of Suburban Kcar.
Long view of Suburban Kcar.

Pantograph on Suburban Kcar.
Double door detail.
Driver window and single door detail.
Window and vent detail.

View of exterior front of Suburban Kcar.
Coupler of Suburban Kcar.
Base of Suburban Kcar antenna.
More exterior detail of Suburban Kcar.

Detail of Suburban Kcar pantograph.

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