Philadelphia Kawasaki Video Stills
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Rte 11 detour lineup on 49th st between Greenway and Woodland Aves.
Turning onto Woodland Ave from 49th st.
Cars moving up.
First set of PCC wheels on 9027.

Kcar 9004 on Rte 11 detour layover.
Intersection of 49th and Woodland.
Waiting to leave.
Rail detour near 42nd and Woodland Ave.

Making a left onto 42nd st diversion route.
Returning to Woodland Ave from 42nd st.
Car lineup heading south on 42nd st.
Rte 13 heading for Chester Ave southbound from rail diversion.

Meeting at 42nd and Chester Ave.
Unaffected Rte 34 crossing in background.
Kcars crossing 42nd and Chester Ave.
Leaving Chester Ave heading north on 42nd st.

One final shot at 42nd and Chester Ave.
Kcar 9000 on Woodland Ave heading for 40th st portal.
Woodland Ave near 42nd st.
Looking south on Woodland Ave from 41st st.

Viewing Elmwood Ave looking toward Bartram Gardens.
Heading to 80th and Eastwick.
Evening shot of kcar on Island Rd.
Leaving Greenway Ave layover.

40th st portal station pickup.
Another look at 40th st portal station.
Incoming Rte 34 cars from Baltimore Ave.
Rte 10 heading for Lancaster Ave before reassignment of Rte 10 to Callowhill.

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