Philadelphia Kawasaki Video Stills
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Rte 10 kcar heading to 36th st portal entrance.
Turning into 36th st portal entrance.
Inside 36th st portal building.
Rte 10 mu heading north on 63rd st near Lansdowne Ave.

Rear view of mu on 63rd st.
Laying over in Malvern loop.
Closer look at couplers.
Leaving 63rd and Malvern ave.

Heading back to Lansdowne ave.
Taking another view.
Entering 36th st portal entrance.
Both mu units.

MU train entering 36th st portal building.
Leaving the 36th st portal.
Heading north on 36th st to Lancaster ave.
Returning to Lancaster ave.

Disabled car on rail at 63rd and Lansdowne ave.
Approaching 63rd and Lansdowne heading to City Hall.
Making the left onto Lansdowne from 63rd st.
The passing of rte 10s.

Turning onto Callowhill st from 60th st.
Looking at Lancaster and Girard at night.
Still at Lancaster and Girard ave.
Parked Kcars.

Callowhill Kawasakis.
Passing Callowhill st side of Callowhill depot.
Callowhill cars in for service.
Closeup of kcar 9085 destination sign.

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