Philadelphia Kawasaki Video Stills
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Callowhill Kcars.
Rail diversion route.
Rte 15 diversion from Lancaster ave to 41 st north.
Navigating 41st st.

Nearing 40th st.
Crossing the 40th st bridge.
Leaving 40th st diversion returning to Girard ave.
Philadelphia Zoo stop.

Girard ave el stop.
Riding along near I95 north.
Leaving the Richmond underpass.
Leaving the Richmond underpass.

Parkside and Girard aves.
40th and Popular sts.
Rte 15 diversion route; turning from 40th st onto Lancaster ave.
Girard ave westbound.

Turning left from Girard onto 60th st.
Pole on wrong wire.
Pole leaves wire.
Kcar at Girard and Lancaster ave intersection.

Rte 13 waiting at 49th and Chester ave.
Rte 13 detour turning from Chester ave to 49th st southbound.
Dropping passengers at corner of 49th and Chester on rte 13 detour.
Rte 13 entering 40th st portal.

Freshly painted 9006 on Elmwood ave.
Full view of kcar 9006 showing light blue trucks.
Kcar eastbound at 22nd st subway surface stop.
Looking from 22nd st stop eastbound to 19th st.

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