Philadelphia Kawasaki Video Stills
Video Stills Page 5; 9111 on Erie ave, 9063 with bus paint scheme.  

9111 in North Philadelphia.
2000 block of Erie ave.
Former rail merger of rte 53 rail with rte 56 rail.
Heading east on Erie ave to Broad and Erie.

Broad st.
Erie ave just past Germantown ave.
Not far from 10th and Erie ave.
More Erie ave.

Easing through Erie ave.
Kicking up the dust.
Sparking on the rails.
Trolley only section of rail.

Erie and Torresdale el station.
Sparking under the structure.
Nearing North Catholic high school.
Torresdale ave.

Passing the short turn track near North Catholic High School.
Bus stripe kcar 9063 on Island ave.
Island rd and Lindbergh blvd.
Passing Penrose Plaza.

Eastwick layover of rte 36.
Front view of 9063.
Inside Eastwick loop.
Closeup of trucks.

Rear view of 9063.
Closeup of top of rear.
Closer look at window stripe.
Another closeup.

Another look.
Heading for City Hall.
49th and Woodland ave.
Rte 13 mu on Chester ave crossing 49th st.

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