Philadelphia Kawasaki Video Stills
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36th and Samson westbound.
Passing at 49th and Woodland.
Crowded rte 36 southbound on 49th st.
Crossing Woodland at 49th st.

Another look.
Heading east on Woodland to City Hall.
Another view, 49th and Woodland.
Eastbound car entering 36th and Samson.

Busy at 36th and Samson.
Eastbound kcar at 36th and Samson.
Westbound car at 36th and Samson st.
Heading west to 37th st.

Kcars on the corners.
Lining up on Woodland ave.
Looking into tunnel at 36th and Samson.
Throwing sparks under frog.

Rte 36.
South 49th st.
50th and Woodland.
Rte 34 heading home.

Rte 36 merging onto Woodland ave.
Westbound rail diversion from Chester ave to 49th st.
49th and Chester.
Rte 15 onstreet layover.

One of two original white cars.
Looking out at Elmwood yard.
Another take.
Kcars on 49th st near Chester ave.

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