Philadelphia Kawasaki Video Stills
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Suburban kcars.
Lansdowne ave.
Closeup of kcar 118.
Another car at Lansdowne ave.

Garrett rd in Lansdowne.
69th st bound.
Garrett rd near Lansdowne ave.
Heading to Drexel Hill junction.

Heading onto bridge toward 69th st on Garrett rd .
Suburban kcar 104.
69th st storage rail.
Loading up the school run.

Corner of 49th and Greenway ave.
Rte 13 leaving 49th st to Chester ave southbound.
Rte 13 crossing 49th st.
Rte 15 at 63rd and Girard.

Rte 13 detour, 50th and Woodland ave.
Heading up 50th st.
Broad street workcar.
Subway entrance at Fern Rock.

36th and Filbert.
Rte 10 subway entrance.
Snow flurries.
Snow covered 36th st.

Heading for the subway.
Pulling in.
Emerging kcar from subway.
Back on 36th st westbound.
36th st and Market sts.

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