Lindbergh Blvd Track Project
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Starting the dismantlement of Lindbergh bridge.
Cutup bottom of Lindbergh bridge.
Greenway ave layover for detoured rte 36.
Turning onto Woodland ave heading for the subway.

A portion of finished rail.
49th st by water department yard.
49th st bridge looking toward Lindbergh blvd.
Rail to be laid in street by MAB paints.

Building a support wall.
Frame for concrete to be poured for support wall.
Taking old rail from Lindbergh blvd.
Removing stones from between rails.

A wider look at stone removal.
Section waiting to be worked on.
Breaking up the concrete.
Assembling the rail.

The use of track jacks.
Looking at a section of rail to be worked on.
Old ties being pulled out.

Machinery at work stacking ties.
Still working on bridge wood frames.
Again looking at the building of the support wall.

Looking closer at wall.
More looks.
Freight train passing construction.
Rail by curb.

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