Lindbergh Blvd Track Project
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T-rail section and girder rail section.
Laid out rail.
Another look at t-rail and girder rail.
Concrete wall above passing freight.

A good look at retaining wall.
Another look at t-rail.
Again, different rail.
Facing west on Grays ave.

Completed section.
Lindbergh curve near MAB paints.
Guard rail at beginning of curve.
Curve leading into 49th st.

Looking at curve westbound at 49th st.
Another look at guard rail.
Material used to wrap rail.
Material being used.

Overhead pulled aside.
Bridge girders ready for installation.
Girders on flatbeds.
Sections meeting.

Old ties.
Loose concrete.
Another angle.
Looking toward new bridge.

Putting up walls.
Looks promising.
Taking it's shape.
New sidewalk and wall.

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