Lindbergh Blvd Track Project
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Looking from Lindbergh bridge to Elmwood ave.
Dragging rail to be laid.
Looking at final stages of bridge work.
Drying concrete.

Working from Elmwood ave.
Ripping up the last of rail by Bartram Gardens.
Smoothing blacktop by Amoco station.
A late afternoon look at bridge.

Detail look at guard rail.
Good old dirty dirt.
Closeup look.
Placed rail, excavated area for the new rail.

Manually lining up rail.
Freshly laid.
Again, looking at a curved section.
The old going away.

Elmwood to Lindbergh blvd.
Again dragging rail.
Filling in area leading to bridge.
54th and Lindbergh blvd.

Looking east from 54th and Lindbergh blvd.
Area at 54th st.
Discarded rail.
Area around bridge.

Elmwood curve westbound.
Track crew lining up rail.
Track level shot.
Notice pipes sticking out from bridge.

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