Philadelphia Traction, May 2006
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Track equipment Curtis Park station.
R2 approaching Curtis Park.
R2 and Amtrak equipment.
Rte 102 Aldan Pa, near Springfield Rd.

Closeup of Suburban Kcar pantograph.
Approaching bridge carrying R3 rail line.
End of Rte 102 private right of way near at Springfield rd near Clifton Heights Pa.
Ready to enter Springfield rd.

Heading into Aldan Pa from Springfield rd.
Looking at right of way on Rte 102 near Springfield rd.
Rte 101 near Springfield High School.
Rte 101 and cars near Woodland ave in Springfield Pa.

Scenic Rd.
Heading out to 69th st.
A scenic view of Rte 101.
Closeup of rail at Aronimink station on Rte 101.

Good look at rail detail.
Coming toward Aronimink stop, Rte 101.
Rte 101 leaving Aronimink stop.
Kcars on Garrett rd near overpass.

Heading for overpass on Garrett rd.
Another look on Garrett rd.
Rail fastener on Garrett rd track.
Kcar heading to Lansdowne ave.
Rte 15 from Haverford ave to 63rd st.
Navigating on 63rd st.
Rte 10 at Girard, Haverford aves and 60th st.
Looking at Rte 15 westbound on Girard ave from a distance.

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