Philadelphia Traction, May 2006
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Rte 15, 60th st, Girard, Haverford aves; Rte 10 background.
Heading west on Haverford ave.
Rte 10 60th st, Girard and Haverford aves; Rte 10 heading for 63rd and Malvern.
Turning onto 63rd st..

Rte 10 on 63rd st near Haverford ave.
Rear closeup.
Rte 10 crossing Lansdowne on 63rd st.
Frog at 63rd and Lansdowne.

Another look.
Overhead crossing at 63rd and Lansdowne ave.
Rte 10 heading east on Lansdowne ave.
Rte 15 nearing 55th and Girard ave.

New look of 56th st el station.
Rte 34 at park near 57th and Baltimore ave.
Rte 34 and 58th and Baltimore ave.
Storage rail on West Chester Pike.

Rail equipment stored on West Chester Pike.
Looking at 49th and Grays ave, Rte 36.
Again, 49th and Grays ave.
Activity rounding Lindbergh blvd.

At the corner of 49th and Woodland ave.
Rte 36 eastbound.
Rte 34 crossing Woodland at 49th st heading for Baltimore ave.
Turnback for M4s between 48th and 46th and Market sts.
All doors open on layover.
Waiting to go out.
Rte 10, 48th and Lancaster ave.
Rte 15 westbound, 48th and Lancaster ave.

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