Philadelphia Traction, May 2006
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Rte 15 turning onto Girard ave westbound.
Meeting at Lancaster and Girard aves.
Passing on Lancaster ave.
Back to a familiar scene.

Heading east onto Girard ave.
Girard at Lancaster.
Rte 15, all by itself.
PCCII 2328 with it's white retriever.

The overhead contacts seem to be working flawlessly for Kcars and the PCCIIs..
Looking at 2328 from it's left side.
PCCII 2332 preparing to cross Haverford ave near 60th st.
Rte 15 nearing 59th and Girard ave.

Nice to look at active Callowhill rail bays again.
Kcars 9081 and 9095 in Callowhill bay.
Rte 36 west on Woodland at 49th st.
Rush hour westbound Rte 36 heading for 49th st south.

Rte 11 heading to subway at 49th st.
Woodland ave weekday scene around 5:30pm.
Standing at 49th and Woodland ave.
Again from 49th and Woodland, looking south on Woodland ave.

Another rush hour scene on Woodland ave.
Once more, Woodland ave near 47th st.
Rte 11 eastbound, Darby.
Rte 11 starting it's run from Darby, Pa to downtown Philadelphia.
Heading for Darby terminal, Rte 11.
Rte 13 dead heading through Darby, Pa heading for Elmwood depot.
A different look at Rte 11 in Darby, Pa nearing Darby loop.
Kawasaki in Darby Loop.

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