Philadelphia Traction, May 2006
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Leaving Darby terminal.
Kcar 9026 picking it's way through Darby, Pa traffic heading for Philadelphia.
The new face of Yeadon, Pa loop.
Rte 13 ready to leave Yeadon, Pa loop for downtown Philadelphia.

Leaving Yeadon loop.
Rte 13, eastbound at 60th and Kingsessing ave.
Rte 36 heading to 80th and Eastwick ave.
Newly hung overhead Rte 13.

Rte 13 overhead.
Overhead being hung on curves near Kingsessing ave.
Overhead trucks in action.
Overhead workers.

Brand new overhead, 65th and Kingsessing ave.
Closer look at 65th and Kingsessing ave.
Hanger closeup.
Overhead closeup.

Yeadon loop.
Rte 13 heading for Darby.
Rte 13 at Church ln and Chester ave.
Rte 13 at Church ln stop eastbound.
Heading for downtown Philadelphia.

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