Mixed Pictures
Various Locations  

Tracks on 41st st near Haverford ave.
Work at 46th st portal.

Rte 10 inbound, 40th and Lancaster ave.
Outbound rte 34 at 50th and Baltimore ave.
Rte 34, 58th and Baltimore.

58th and Baltimore, rte 34 inbound.
Rte 36, Island rd and Lindbergh blvd.
Rail equipment in Frankford yard.

Different looks at the new Frankford Transportation Center.
Looking through the fence at SEPTA's Wayne Commuter Train Yard.

Amtrak yard Phila 30th st.
Rte 75 crossing Broad st at Wyoming ave.

Picking up passengers near Wyoming Circle.
Margaret and Orthodox El station.
Different shots of trackless layover on Oxford ave near Margaret and Orthodox El station.

Dropping of passenger at Germantown ave.

Turning left onto Greene st.
Layover at Wayne Junction.

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