No Longer There
Rte23 North, Rte50 North, Rte62 Darby, Trolley Deli, Gorgas Ln Short Turn.
Do You Remember?

4th and Race sts, old rte 50 tracks exposed.
5th st underpass once used by the rte 50.

Former rail stop for rte 53 near Wayne Junction.
The back of Darby Terminal, looking at the old rte 62 trackage.

Main st Darby, the old rte 62 turnoff into the old private right of way.
Looking at the rte 62 private right of way from 9th st Darby.

Old rte 62 rail heading onto 9th st, Darby.
The present rte 43 has been extended to Richmond and Cumberland.
Rte 23, 12th and Green sts.

12th and Noble sts.

Germantown and Chelton aves.
The former Germantown Depot.
Germantown ave construction near Creishem Inn.

The Trolley Car Diner in Mt. Airy.

Construction sign for Germantown ave rebuild.
The area around the old Gorgas Ln short turn on the rte 23 rail.

The overhead is still in place.
Notice the rail showing through the dirt.

A glimpse of rail leading to the street.
The area around 30th st station where the subway surface routes use to converge.
The area where the bridge was located which carried the trolleys and els over the river.

This wall was once the entrance for the Market st subway.
Trolleys and the elevated once occupied the area near the Drexel campus, the old Bulletin building and 30th st station.
The area where rail traffic converged to cross the bridge which led to the old Market st subway.

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