Philadelphia PCC2 Video Stills
PCC2 Video Stills  

PCC2 on diversion route.
Leaving 42nd st onto Spruce st.
Looking at rear of 2331 on Elmwood ave.
Photo stop on Elmwood ave.

Entering the old Lindbergh ave bridge.
Entering Lindbergh Blvd.
Turning onto Woodland ave.
Leaving Lindbergh Blvd onto 49th st.

Last look at old Lindbergh Blvd bridge.
54th and Elmwood ave.
Passing MAB paints.
Another shot at MAB.

Heading for Woodland ave using 49th st.
Looking at Elmwood ave scene.
Spruce st at 38th st.
Following the diversion route onto 42nd st from Woodland ave.

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