Philadelphia Traction History
March 1903 to March 1907

This section of the website will cover Philadelphia Transportation History; March 1903 thru March 1907.
March 2007 marked 100 years of operation of the Market Elevated portion of the Market Frankford
Elevated. I have researched the above mentioned months from 1903 to 1907.

I have gathered articles from 2 Philadelphia newspapers from that era. The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin,
and The Philadelphia Public Ledger. Articles I have gathered touch on the building, the financing, the bids
connected with The Market Elevated project. Other articles look at Philadelphia and Western's goal to build
an Elevated and Subway in Philadelphia; other articles are on everyday activities of the PRT and the city
of Philadelphia revolving around the establishing of transportation in early 1900's Philadelphia. Other
articles touch on surrounding areas of Philadelphia and the nearby railroads. There are two miscelleneuos
pages of articles Philadelphia Transportation Related Articles March 1903 to March 1907

All articles are copyrighted by The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, and The Philadelphia Public Ledger. All
material in this section is for educational purposes only. My research took place at The Free Library of
, Central Branch, Newspaper and Microfilm Department. Some articles will have portions that
are not readable due to me not being able to adjust the microfilm reader to clearly print the entire article.
Some articles will be larger in size then others so they can be read without too much eye strain. I have
stitched related articles together so they will be easier to follow.

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