Philadelphia Transportation Articles March 1903 to March 1907
All articles Copyright Philadelphia Bulletin

April 7th, 1903; Proposed electric road for Broad Street.
Various accidents.
Ask for modification of grade crossing abolition.
Catching cold on the streetcar.
Another subway predicted.

At the mercy of the railroads.
Giant railroad merger.
Moving vault into building.
Broad st test borings made.

Broad st station wreck causes tieup.
Railroad info.
Work on disinfection delayed.
Low temperatures in cars.

Crash of cars on slippery rails.
Trolley wreck in Delran NJ.
Electric omnibus.
Philadelphia and Reading consider electric power.

What to charge on new electric railroad to seashore.
7th and Market st collision.
Cable blocks cars.
Conductor on car held up.

Small cars warm, big cars cold.
Well dressed passenger robs trolley.
Traction co helps to clean the streets.

Locomotives in America.
Bethleham Pa trolley.
Track sweeper struck by train.
Masked men blew up car barn safes.

May run subway under Broad st.
Mayor favors city building subways.
Would like Transit Company to build Broad st subway.
Elkton Wilmington trolley project.

Different articles from 1904.
Motorman held on homocide charge; his car going to fast.
Riverton NJ trolley accident.
Permit for City Hall loop.

Third rail line between Camden and Atlantic City.
Pickpockets prosper on trolleys..
Nineth st and Pine st cars collide.
Plans for Broad st underground electric railway.

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