Philadelphia Transportation Articles March 1903 to March 1907 Page 2
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Change of gauge and segregation of passenger and freight.
Say poor trolley lines hurt trade.
PRR net income last year $38,000,000.00.
The president thinks railroads need regulation.

$10,000,000.00 bond issue.
Two crowded trolleys collide.
Various tractionarticles from September 1905.
Blown fuse on trolley causes panic.

PRT stock being sold by a Land Title Building House.
One car trolley line; usings Camden trolleys for funeral cars.
Mayor may force P.R.T. to return many franchises.
Fight for track on Broad st.

Train hits trolley, nine killed.
Train knocks trolley into dwelling.
Bad men attack trolleys; wound motorman.
Trolley bandits given 15 years.

Dangers of crossing Penn Square tracks.
Trolley car barn and ten trolleys in Ohio burned.
Trolley accidents.
Trolleys downtown.

Trolleys seeking to carry freight.
Looking over routes from Atlantic City.
Trolley repealers bills passed at insistance of Mayor Weaver.
Collision at 5th and Spruce sts.

Trolleys to make 4 hour run from Camden to New York.
Tunnel case goes to Supreme Court.
25 men caught under shed that Pennsy engine topples.
More rail accidents.

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