Philadelphia Transit Strike 1963
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January 10th 1963 Page 1, "TWU Forsees Long Strike"
January 11th 1963 Page 1 "PTC Head, Quill Meet"
January 11th 1963 Page 18 Con't "PTC Head, Quill Meet"
January 13th 1963 Page 1, "PTC, Union Hold Crucial Talks"
January 13th 1963 Page 6, Con't "PTC, Union Hold Crucial Talks"
January 14th 1963 Page 1, "Union Ready To Strike PTC At Midnight"
January 14th 1963 Page 1 cont' "Union Ready To Strike PTC At Midnight"
January 15th 1963 Page 1 "TWU Strike Paralyzes Transit"
January 15th 1963 Page 6, Con't "TWU Strike Paralyzes Transit"
January 16th 1963 Page 1, "Early End Of PTC Strike Doubted"
January 16th 1963 Page 6, Con't "Early End Of PTC Strike Doubted"
January 17th 1963 Page 1, "Strike Talks Deadlocked"
January 17th 1963 Page 4, cont' "Strike Talks Stymied"
January 18th 1963 Page 1, "PTC, Union Study 5 Peace Plans"
January 18th 1963 Page 3, Con't "Five Plans studied By PTC"
January 19th 1963 Page 1, "Suit Filed To Restore PTC Service"
January 19th 1963 Page 5, Con't "Suit Filed To Restore PTC Service"
January 20th 1963 Page 1, "Mayor Sees 'Break' in PTC Talks"
January 20th 1963 Page 11, cont' "Mayor Sees 'Break' in PTC Talks"
January 21st 1963 Page 1, "PTC, Union Parley Breaks Up Again"
January 21st 1963 Page 3, Con't "PTC Parleys Break Off"
January 23rd 1963 Page 1, "Progress in Strike Talks Reported"
January 23rd 1963 Page 4, Con't "Progress in Strike Talks"
January 24th 1963 Page 1, "End of Strike Impasse Expected"
January 24th 1963 Page 5, cont' "End of Deadlock Expected"
January 25th 1963 Page 1, "Settlement Reached in PTC Strike"
January 25th 1963 Page 10, Con't "PTC Settlement Is Reached"
January 26th 1963 Page 1, "PTC Strike Still On"
January 26th 1963 Page 7, Con't "Strike Still On As PTC Rejects Pact"
January 27th 1963 Page 1, "PTC Placed in Hands of Receiver"
January 27th 1963 Page 3, cont' "PTC Placed in Hands of Receiver"
January 28th 1963 Page 1, "TWU Rejects Stern's Truce Offer"
January 28th 1963 Page 15, Con't "TWU Rejects Stern's Truce Proposal"
January 29th 1963 Page 1, "New Deadlock in Strike Talks"
January 29th 1963 Page 5, Con't "New Deadlock Arises in PTC Negotiations"
January 30th 1963 Page 1, "PTC Offers 3-Year Pact, Quill Says No"
January 30th 1963 Page 5, "Free Bus Rides Urged to Ease Transit Tieups"
January 30th 1963 Page 6, "Union Cool to 3-Year PTC Pact"
January 30th 1963 Page 7, "Traffic Snarls Ease, Speedup In Flow Studied"
January 31th 1963 Page 1, "Pratt Called to Capitol for PTC Talks"
January 31th 1963 Page 3, "2 Unions Cool As Red Arrow Makes 1st Offer"
January 31th 1963 Page 4, "Justices Clash at Receiver Hearing"
January 31th 1963 Page 5, Con't "Pratt Summoned to PTC Parley"
february 1st 1963 Page 1, "PTC Talks Adjourned, Hopes Rise"
february 1st 1963 Page 25, Con't "PTC Talks Recessed, Hopes Voiced for Settlement Today"
february 2nd 1963 Page 1, "PTC Strike Settlement Is Reached"
february 2nd 1963 Page 5, Con't "PTC Settlement Reached"
february 3rd 1963 Page 1, "PTC Walkout Ends, Buses Roll"
february 3rd 1963 Page 15, "Red Arrow Trolleys, Buses Keep Rolling"
february 3rd 1963 Page 16, "Scranton's Firm Grasp of Strike Puts Phila. Back on Rails"
february 3rd 1963 Page 17, Con't "PTC Strike Ends, Buses Roll, Subways to Resume Runs Today"
february 3rd 1963 Page 18, "PUC Expected to OK Fare Rise Within Week"
february 3rd 1963 Page 19, Con't "PTC Rolling After 19 Days"
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