Philadelphia Transit Strike 1971
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April 10th 1971 Page 1, "Transit Workers Prepare For 4 a.m. Monday Strike"
April 10th 1971 Page 5 cont' "Transit Union Distributes Instructions, Picket Signs"
April 11th 1971 Page 1 "11th-Hour Talk Set In Attemptto Bar City Transit Strike"
April 11th 1971 Page 8, Con't "Area Transit Facilities Gear for SEPTA Strike"
April 12th 1971 Page 1, "City-Wide Transport Strike Is On"
April 12th 1971 Page 4, Con't "Transit Workers Strike SEPTA"

April 13th 1971 Page 1, "Red Arrow Drivers Join in Strike Against SEPTA"
April 13th 1971 Page 4, Con't "Drivers for Red Arrow Lines Also Walk Out on SEPTA"
April 13th 1971 Page 5, Con't "Red Arrow Drivers Walk Off Jobs"
April 14th 1971 Page 1, "Court Action Due Today In Two Transit Strikes"
April 14th 1971 Page 10, Con't "Traffic Snarled for 2nd Day In TWU, Red Arrow Strikes"
April 15th 1971 Page 1, "TWU Fined, Strike Leaders Jailed"
April 15th 1971 Page 4, Con't "Judge Jails 2 TWU Leaders, Fines Unions for Defying Writ"
April 16th 1971 Page 9, Con't "Transit Union Fine Sliced to $100,000 For Entire Strike"
April 17th 1971 Page 1, "SEPTA Wheels Won't Turn Without Pact, Workers Say"
April 17th 1971 Page 5, Con't "TV Appeal Made by Transit Leaders,But Workers Refuse to Resume Work"
April 18th 1971 Page 1, "SEPTA Renews Offer Of Retroactive Pay Hike"
April 18th 1971 Page 4, cont' "Leaders Make Personal Plea To the Drivers"
April 19th 1971 Page 1, "DiClerico Seeks Secret Ballot To End 7-Day Transit Strike"
April 19th 1971 Page 6, Con't "'Money or Jail', Striker Shouts"
April 20th 1971 Page 1, "Judge Issues Subpenas For 16 Members of TWU"
April 20th 1971 Page 5, Con't "16 TWU Members Ordered To Face Contempt Charges"
April 21st 1971 Page 1, "SEPTA Drivers Poised to Return"
April 21st 1971 Page 6, cont' "Young Hard-Core Strikers Ignore Plea to End Walkout"
April 22nd 1971 Page 1, "Service Back to Normal On City Transit System"
April 22nd 1971 Page 4, Con't "All Runs Operating As Transit System Returns to Normal"
April 22nd 1971 Page 5, "City Pays $100,000 In Strike Overtime"
April 23rd 1971 Page 1, "Judge Issues Subpenas For 16 Members of TWU"
April 23rd 1971 Page 3, Con't "16 TWU Members Ordered To Face Contempt Charges"
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