SEPTA, Fall 2006
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Rte 11 in Darby.

Rte 11 near 68th and Woodland.
41st and Woodland.
40th st portal.
Woodland ave overpass near 47th st.

9th and Main sts, Darby.
Rte 13, Cobbs Creek.
Rte 13, 60th and Kingsessing.

Rte 13, near Church Rd in Yeadon.
47th and Chester ave.
Heading west on Chester ave.
Heading to 46th and Chester.

Looking again at Cobbs Creek, Rte 13.
Old Rte 62 section heading for Darby.

Unexpected shot of police activity on Chester ave in Yeadon.
Instruction Kcar short turning into Mt. Moriah.

Rte 15 passing the park near 59th and Girard ave.
Rte 15 at 42nd and Girard.
PCC2's at 38th and 39th and Girard ave.
PCC2 passing the new Computer School at 40th and Girard.

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