Following The Green Line
August 2008  

Route 15 at Girard and Lancaster aves.
Route 15, heading west at Girard and Lancaster aves.
Route 10 kcar, inbound loading Girard and Lancaster aves.
Route 10 kcar heading downtown.

Kcar, rte 13 on rte 62 trackage, heading for Darby.
Chester ave, Yeadon, westbound.
Heading westbound into Yeadon on Chester ave.
Crossing Cedar ave approaching Chester ave.

Cedar ave, inbound to Chester ave, rte 13.
Outbound at Yeadon loop.
Waiting at Yeadon loop to inbound to City Hall.
Leaving Yeadon for Phila.

A toot on the gong from Bill Trolley!.
Top of the hill on Chester ave inbound.
Waiting on 61st st to enter Baltimore ave eastbound.
Entering Baltimore ave.

Rte 34 is SEPTA's shortest subway surface route.
Beginning point of derailment, 42nd and Baltimore 08 02 2008.
Rail joint and wheel impressions.
Derailment and rerailment marks.

A better look at the rerail marks.
The final rerail marks.
One more view.
One last look at derailment site by track crew.

Rte 13, inbound, 42nd and Chester ave, heading for the diversion route.
Left from Chester ave onto 42nd st.
Picking up on diversion route, on 42nd at Baltimore ave.
Rte 13 on 42nd st heading to Spruce st, diversion route.
Kcar, rte 36, 6000 block of Elmwood ave.

Rte 36, Elmwood ave and Island rd.
Route 101, Springfield, Pa.

The next seven views are of a rush hour backup on rte 36, 08 08 2008.
Scenes shot at Lindbergh and Elmwood aves, 58th and Elmwood ave.
Pickup truck and motorcycle collided at 57th and Elmwood ave.
The accident stopped rail service for one and a half hours roughly.


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