The Trolley Museum Of New York


The Trolley Museum Of New York is located in upstate New York right off exit 19 of I-87 North. From Phila, I took the New Jersey Turnpike to I-287 north which led me into I-87 north. It is a 3 and a half to 4 hour ride depending on how you drive.
Exit 19 towards rte 28 Kingston. Bear left to I-587 E to slight right on Rte 32S. This turns into Broadway which you follow for 2 or 3 miles at which time it will bear left; here it turns into E Strand st which will lead you to the Hudson river and the museum.
There are many great resturants near the museum; and for an overnight stay, great motels.

The museum entrance is on the left side of the street. You can ride a rebuilt Johnston trolley over a nice route which partially runs along side the street, then branches off onto it's own private right of way.
The tracks run along the Hudson river for a short way. Here you see people fishing, walking along side the tracks, or just leisurely taking in the scenery. The Johnston trolley #358 has been beautifully restored to prestine condition as an open air car.
The line is not electrified; the Johnston car is powered by a diesel engine, but still, a nice riding experience. The volunteers at the museum are first rate. They also have a yard with several ex-Boston cars, New York and Phila subway cars. A Brooklyn PCC is housed indoors and is being restored. Here are two links to their website. The Trolley Museum Of New York. and About the Museum.

Boston PCC 3204.

Brooklyn PCC.

Kingston Trolley Museum welcome sign.

Rebuilt Johnstown Car #358.

More Boston PCCs.

New York City rapid transit car 6398.

Phila North Broad st Rapid Transit car.

Rapid Transit Cars.

Johnstown Car #358 waiting for passengers.

Stored Johnstown Car #358.

A ride along the Hudson River.

Looking through the rear of Johnstown #358.

Another view of the Hudson River.

Just taking in the scenery.

Training a new operator.

The museum storage yard.

Rapid transit third rail shoe.

Visitors to the museum.

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